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Water the plants.

SNAPto is a Sokoban-Style puzzle game centered around a single snapping mechanic. Players are given a series of dense and deceptively simple puzzles with increasing difficulty. Each puzzle is unique in introducing a principle of the game's core mechanics with each building upon each other. The player is asked to discover the rules of this world through experimentation, but is never certain of what is true.

Keyboard and Xbox Controller support:

  • WASD/D-Pad/Anagogue Stick - Movement
  • Z/X/B-Button - Undo
  • R/Y-Button - Reset a puzzle by facing a Cairn
  • ESC/Start - Pause

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If you want to keep update on the progress of this game, you can follow its devlog on Twitter: @BonpsiGames
Facebook: Bonpsi
Blog: Bonpsi.com


SNAPto [Pre-Alpha] (Windows) 118 MB